Backstories – Who They Are – Why They’re Here

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Jaegar (Jay) Lombardo is a brilliant and arrogant and true member of the Lombardo family whether he likes it or not. Despite his mother Camilla’s fondest wish, Jay is determined never to become her paragon Gabe. He has been entering worlds he can’t quite grasp since he interned under Kenley Dirac and it doesn’t look like stopping.
The Dirac Family – Luca, Kenley, Fiona and Vivian. Kenley was discovering how to bend space-time when she disappeared. Luca was creating something new shortly before he left to find her. Fiona and Vivian were left behind to pick up the pieces, or put them back together.
Fiona is the daughter of the world’s premier astrophysicist and a father who could see and speak to the dead, as can she. It was an interesting but not very useful talent up until both her parents disappeared while working on something mysterious. Fiona is on the hunt.
Hugs Stanfield is escaping the protection of her childhood – something more like iron walls than curfews. Some other people who will not be named picked on her when she was younger, and no matter what she might think of them now, she’s not sure if she’s forgiven them or can trust them.
The Lombardo family – Don, Tony, and Camilla. Wealthy and popular and rumored to have killed people they didn’t like, the family has high standards. Those standards can be rather generously interpreted and still considered satisfactory.
The Lombardo family matriarch, Camilla is a beautiful, glamourous socialite with a terrifying reputation. She is dependably helpful if you are family or a friend and dependably dangerous if you are not. Mother of two children; dear friend to the man she grew up with and has lost and cannot find: Gabe Lombardo. She wouldn’t mind if her son became just like him.
Legendary Gabe: the bright, charming, and dangerous family sociopath. When he vanished he left many people who were glad he’d finally gone and his best (and only) friend Camilla, who was devastated. If he’s alive, he probably would prefer not to be found.

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