Dirac Family-Overview

Northern Range, Hilltop House, Dirac Family Home

Kenley Dirac – renowned astrophysicist working out of the Wind Island Observatory
Luca Dirac – chemist and biologist

From the time he was a child Luca Dirac was able to see and interact with what he called ghosts, some of which appeared to be spirits of the dead, some unidentifiable.  He was never threatened, did not consider them dangerous and although he shared some of what he experienced with his oldest friend Heydon Mitchell and the woman he married, Kenley Serion, he rarely mentioned it and didn’t find the ability altered his life in any significant way.

Luca and Kenley were popular guests and hosts after their marriage. They held small parties at their home at Cloud Lake including poker and other games and had a variety of friends. One of the frequent visitors and a close but unusual friend was Gabe Lombardo.

They had two children, both girls, the eldest, Vivian, a redhead like her father, the younger of the two, Fiona, a brunette like her mother. Both of them inherited their father’s abilities although Fiona’s power was stronger, or at least it appeared that way. Neither sister was sure what they were dealing with or what they had in the way of weapons if they needed them.

Kenley was the premier astrophysicist of her time and developed math and physics that promised to change ultimate and basic relativity. She spent most of her later career at Wind Island where she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Once Kenley’s experiments appeared to open up access to other worlds and dimensions, their concerns about their children’s experience and abilities became alarming since they began to worry about the connections, if any, and didn’t know how to guard against them. They had little time to pursue it since Kenley unexpectedly disappeared under apparent violent circumstances. She left her blood on the floor of their home.

Luca disappeared a few months later after informing his daughters that he had discovered their mother and would be back within a few days. In a desperate hurry, he gave them vague instructions, more a clue than specific guidance, on what to do if something went wrong. They didn’t understand what he’d given them, could not follow through, and he never returned.

Vivian Dirac clings fiercely to whatever normality she can find or imagine while living way out on the beach of the down-at-the-heels little tourist island Sandy Point. Vivian and Fiona make a marginal living doing whatever they can find including helping the local sculpture and giving tourists interesting ‘tours’. She is lonely, scared, anxious about her younger sister and depressed about her own future. She is determined to rescue a dog. She will accomplish this. So far she has accomplished everything she’s tried to do.

Fiona frequently feels responsible for protecting her older sister, who does not toss the efforts aside although she probably should. Powerful, single-minded, not entirely rational but determined to right the wrongs done to her family, Fiona doesn’t see much of a future for herself or her sister and is therefore not one bit intimidated by mockery or sneers.

Fiona has her own bio post.

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